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Causes of data loss from Flash media

The most common mechanical defects

Damages caused by users are usually a consequence of unexpected accidents, whether mechanical (especially in the case of USB keys), or software (e.g. when processing digital pictures). Some Flash memory devices attract these little disasters due to their small size.

The most frequent accidents or inappropriate handling practices include:

  • Kicking a USB Flash disk out of a PC and breaking it after suddenly moving one’s legs;
  • Disconnecting a Flash media from a PC during copying;
  • Accidentally deleting files;
  • Spilling coffee or other beverages over a USB Flash disk (e.g. on a desk);
  • Pets;
  • Reversed Flash card pushed into a digital camera;
  • Camera or video camera dropped into water;
  • Damage caused by extreme changes of temperature, or fire.

Other frequent causes of datsa inaccessibility:

  • Power outage or overvoltage;
  • Lost or forgotten password to files or the medium itself;
  • Virus attacks.

Flash media is used by many as a portable and often the latest back-up of their most frequently used files. What is the cause of unexpected damage or loss of data from digital devices with Flash-type memory? What rescue steps can be taken? What should we avoid?

Advantages of Flash disks and Flash cards compared to other data storage devices include their small size, higher resistance to damage (compared to a hard disk), higher capacity (compared to a CD or DVD), low energy consumption and minimum demands for installation and software drivers. However, even Flash disks and Flash cards have their limits.

Technical limitations

The primary limitation of all types of Flash media, compared to regular hard disks, is a significantly limited number of times the stored data can be overwritten. After a certain number of recording cycles and deleting of files, the integrity of records starts to deteriorate, even though it stays unnoticed by the user for a long time.

Besides the technical parameters of Flash memory devices, frequent causes of sudden unavailability of stored files are the various accidents that can occur at home or at the workplace and inappropriate handling of the device.

Data recovery from Flash memory devices

When recovering and rescuing data, our specialists use top-of-the-line equipment and the latest digital technology. In our well equipped laboratory we utilize the latest proprietary equipment for data analysis and recovery. Thanks to that, we are able to recover data on the cutting edge of the current technical possibilities.

As one of only a few companies on the European market, DATARECOVERY, s.r.o. can rescue data from electronically and mechanically damaged Flash memory devices, regardless of the used controller and logical organization.

We provide swift, professional data rescue services. Contact us.