Flash Recovery : Data Recovery (Data Rescue) from USB Flash Drive, SSD Disk, Memory Card, Digital Camera, PDA
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Data recovery from Flash memory devices

We recover data from all Flash memory media:
  • USB Flash disks
    • USB Mass Storage Devices (so called “Flash drives” or “USB sticks”)
    • Authentication tokens
  • Memory cards for digital cameras, cell phones, video cameras and other devices
    • CompactFlash (CF)
    • SecureDigital (SD), incl. miniSD and microSD
    • SmartMedia (SM)
    • MemoryStick (MS), incl. MemoryStick Pro, MemoryStick Duo etc.
    • MultiMedia Card (MMC)
    • xD-Picture Cards
  • Memory devices integrated in cameras, cell phones, video cameras and other devices, not only consumer electronics
  • Solid-state drives (SSD disks)
  • PCMCIA flash disks

Data rescue and recovery from Flash-type memory devices (Flash card or Flash disk) has its specifics. Flash memory devices are popular, but also sensitive, devices.

The most popular USB Flash medium is a memory device known as a USB Flash Disk or a USB stick. USB Flash disks are mostly used for temporary storage of data as a replacement of classic floppy disks, compact disks (CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW) or other portable storage or recording devices.

Another use of Flash devices is as Flash memory cards for digital cameras. Unlike a traditional mechanical hard disk, these data storage devices are also used for some video cameras and personal portable computers (laptops, notebooks and netbooks).

In spite of their popularity, Flash memory devices have considerable limitations. Compared to classic hard disks, they only offer a limited number of times the stored data can be overwritten (tens to hundreds of thousands). For storing digital files, flash disks and flash cards are not very reliable data storage devices. From a technical standpoint, data recovery from Flash memory devices is much more complicated than data recovery from other types of media.

Do you have troubles with reading data stored on your USB Flash disk? Is your Flash card mechanically damaged or inaccessible for unknown reasons? Have the cause and possible ways of data recovery diagnosed. DATARECOVERY, s.r.o., can rescue data from electronically and mechanically damaged Flash memory devices, regardless of the used controller and logical organization.

If you are affected by data recovery from a USB Flash disk or Flash card and you are dealing with problems related thereto, contact us. We offer professional help with a quick solution.