Flash Recovery : Data Recovery (Data Rescue) from USB Flash Drive, SSD Disk, Memory Card, Digital Camera, PDA
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Other digital memory media

Our guarantees
  • Professional and quick data rescue
  • Data recovery to the greatest technical extent possible
  • Our division specializes exclusively in data rescue from Flash memory devices

FlashRecovery specializes in data rescue and recovery from all commonly used types of detachable Flash-type memory media. During our years of activity, we have gained unique experience that helps us solve losses of data with a high success rate.

Besides data rescue and recovery from various types of USB Flash disks, SSD disks and memory cards, we also rescue and recover data from classic hard disks (HDD), RAID disk arrays and floppy disks (FDD). We also offer reconstruction of data from magnetic tapes and other digital media (CD, DVD, Blu-ray disks, ZIP, JAZ, Bernoulli, MO, SyQuest etc.).

For data recovery from these types of memory media, we recommend: