Flash Recovery : Data Recovery (Data Rescue) from USB Flash Drive, SSD Disk, Memory Card, Digital Camera, PDA
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Data recovery from SSD disks

Most common defects of SSD disks
  • Mechanically or electronically damaged controller chip;
  • Mechanically damaged printed circuit;
  • Mechanical or electronic defect in another component (other than the memory chip);
  • Damaged service area of the medium;
  • Software defect.

We recover data not only from classic USB Flash disks and memory cards. We also rescue data that your Flash memory based hard disks, so called SSDs (Solid State Drives), refuse to give out.

SSD disks are data media designed to effectively replace classic hard disks. Compared to hard disks, SSD disks do not have any moving components; therefore, their advantages are lower energy consumption, silent running, higher transmission speed and particularly higher shock resistance.

Solid-state disks have some limitations common to all Flash media (particularly a limited number of times the stored data can be overwritten and lower reliability compared to hard disks). Defects and causes of difficulties are similar.

We can rescue the majority of all data from damaged SSD disks for you. However, what we cannot rescue is a physically damaged Flash memory chip of an SSD drive.

In order to find out the cause of problems with your device, we need some specific information, particularly the outcome of our diagnostics. The diagnostic is free. Contact us. We will provide quick help and professional guarantees.