Flash Recovery : Data Recovery (Data Rescue) from USB Flash Drive, SSD Disk, Memory Card, Digital Camera, PDA
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Process of data recovery from Flash memory devices

Recommended process in the case of unavailability or loss of data from Flash media (USB Flash drives, SSD disks, memory cards, etc.):

1. Contact   2. Delivery   3. Diagnostics   4. Data Recovery

As soon as you get in touch with us, an authorized employee will estimate the chance of successful recovery of data from your USB Flash disk, memory card or another Flash medium and will recommend the most appropriate steps.

However, in most cases, an adequate evaluation cannot be done without professional diagnostics in a laboratory environment. Therefore, it is usually necessary to recommend that the data storage device be delivered to our specialists.

Deliver the damaged Flash disk or Flash card in person or send it to our address. Minimize possible damages by avoiding any unprofessional “rescue attempts”.

If you choose to deliver the data medium through a delivery service, secure the device from mechanical shocks and static electricity.

Once we receive your data storage medium, within several hours we will evaluate all possible options for recovery of the stored data and determine the exact fee for data recovery.

The final price always depends, primarily, on the extent and nature of the damage to your data medium.

The diagnostics of the defect and options for data recovery is free.

After receiving your approval, we will proceed to the actual data recovery from the delivered memory card, Flash drive or SSD disk.

In the case of mechanical or electronic damage to the Flash disk or Flash card, the first step is the low level reading of the actual Flash memory chip. Then we can proceed with the reconstruction of the file system in order to access the stored data.

5. Express Data Recovery 6. Data Copying 7. Payment 8. Return Delivery

Standard orders for data recovery are usually completed within three to five business days. If you are in a hurry with the data stored on the damaged medium, you can request express data recovery, which means that we will prioritize your order – we will basically start immediately.

The recovered data will be stored on an agreed data storage device, i.e. typically on a CD or DVD.

We accept cash, all common credit cards (only at some of our points of service or online) and, upon agreement, wire transfers.

You will only pay for the data rescue if the data recovery was successful!

You can pick up the recovered data in person or have them sent by delivery service or messenger to an address of your choice.

The shipment will be sent immediately after your payment is received.

When rescuing and recovering data, our specialists use top-of-the-line equipment and the latest digital technology. In our well equipped laboratory we utilize the latest proprietary equipment for data analysis and recovery. Thanks to that, we are able to recover data on the very edge of the current technical possibilities.

As one of only few companies on the European market, DATARECOVERY, s.r.o., can recover data from electronically and mechanically damaged Flash memory devices, regardless of the used controller and logical organization.

Contact our service department. We provide swift and professional assistance.