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Data recovery from Flash memory devices is now more efficient

DATARECOVERY, s.r.o., a high ranking Czech company specialized in data rescue, opens a separate division, FlashRecovery, that will bring to the Czech market hitherto unavailable services of data recovery from Flash memory devices.

Many users use flash type media as an off-hand, and very often also as the only, backup of their most commonly used files. For many reasons, flash type media are used as data carriers of digital notepads, MP3 players, personal identifiers, USB key chains, digital cameras, personal organizers, and mobile cell phones. Many notebooks and netbooks use the flash memory devices instead of the classic hard disks.

These popular devices are rather sensitive. “Retrieval and recovery of data from flash type media requires specific skills; this was one reason to dedicate a separate division within our company specifically to this task. With the growing usage of flash memory devices, our clients receive what has so far been unavailable expert service,” says Ing. Petr Kavan, Director of DATARECOVERY, s.r.o.

Pursuant to the acquired statement, the employees of the division can save data from flash memory devices with any defect to the device except the physical destruction of the memory chip itself. The FlashRecovery division is, pursuant to the statement of the employees of DATARECOVERY, s.r.o., the only workplace in the Czech Republic where they can recover data from flash drives, even in the case of a non-functional chip of the memory controller.

Starting in September, the FlashRecovery division will ensure retrieval and recovery of digital data for all commonly used types of flash media:

USB Flash disks

  • USB Mass Storage Devices (“USB Flash Drives” or “USB Sticks”)
  • Authentication tokens

Digital memory cards in cameras, mobile phones, video cameras and other devices

  • CompactFlash (CF)
  • SecureDigital (SD), incl. miniSD and microSD
  • SmartMedia (SM)
  • MemoryStick (MS), incl. MemoryStick Pro, MemoryStick Duo
  • MultiMedia Card (MMC)
  • xD-Picture Cards

Solid-State Drives (SSD disks)

PCMCIA Flash disks

The advantage of the separate division, FlashRecovery, is its exclusive specialization in this type of data recovery. For customers, this mainly represents a guarantee of quick and professional solutions in situations when their Flash disks or cards indicate a defect. The parent company, DATARECOVERY, s.r.o., will continue to provide data recovery services for damaged hard discs and all other types of digital media carriers.

More information can be found at www.flash-data-recovery.eu.