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Prague, March 22, 2011: DATARECOVERY is the first company in the world to perform a successful data recovery from the high-end SSD disk Kingston SSDNow.

Prague, June 8, 2010: Datarecovery, a prominent European company specializing in data recovery and rescue, found a way to conquer the internal encryption used by some USB flash disks. The data recovery is now possible from encrypted USB keychains, too.

Encryption is a standard feature of some USB flash disks. Despite the fact that you have not activated anything, the disk automatically encrypts the data when recording to them, for your own security. Until now, it has been impossible to recover the data from the disk in case of a failure or damage to the disk.

DATARECOVERY, s.r.o., a high ranking Czech company specialized in data rescue, opens a separate division, FlashRecovery that will bring to the Czech market hitherto unavailable services of data recovery from Flash memory devices.

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