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USB flash disks encryption cracked!

Prague, 8.6.2010: Datarecovery, a prominent European company specializing in data recovery and rescue, found a way to conquer the internal encryption used by some USB flash disks. The data recovery is now possible from encrypted USB keychains, too.

"The break through USB flash disk encryption is a result of our own research. At this moment, we are probably the only company in the world that is capable of doing something like this,” explains Petr Kavan, Director of Datarecovery, and he adds: “According to our experience, the users very often have important data on flash disks, because they like to use keychains for transporting work or for common backups. Conquering the internal encryption of flash disks allows us to rescue data from practically any media people bring to us.”

Encryption is a standard feature of some USB flash disks. Despite the fact that you have not activated anything, the disk automatically encrypts the data when recording to them, for your own security. Until now, it has been impossible to recover the data from the disk in case of a failure or damage to the disk.

Defects and consequent “resuscitations” of data from flash media are much more frequent than one would think. Ignoring the common wear and tear typical for flash disks (they only have a limited number of records), then we could put together a “hit list” of the most frequent accidents:

  1. Disconnecting the flash media from the computer during recording;
  2. Kicking out and breaking the USB flash disk (very often if your computer is under your desk);
  3. Pouring coffee or another liquid onto the USB flash disk;
  4. Electrical outages or overvoltage;
  5. Pets also made it to the statistics: They love to play with the USB keychains.

DATARECOVERY is a 100% Czech company specialized in data recovery since the year 1991. The company operates in the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and the Slovak Republic; customers from all over Europe use its services. DATARECOVERY has a vast knowledge base and, above all, a top-notch equipped laboratory, which is the only one of its kind in Central Europe.