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Successful data recovery from Kingston SSD disks

Prague, March 22, 2011 – The Czech company DATARECOVERY is the first company in the world to perform a successful data recovery from the high-end SSD disk Kingston SSDNow.

‘I consider the recovery of data from an SSD disk of this type an extraordinary success,’ said Petr Kavan, Director of DATARECOVERY. He adds: ‘According to the available research, we are the first company in the world to succeed in the recovery of data from this type of media.’

With this success, the DATARECOVERY technicians again expanded the frontiers of the field of data recovery and rescue. SSD disks are very commonly used and the Kingston brand is very popular.

The algorithm developed for data recovery is a result of research performed by DATARECOVERY itself. ‘Development of new algorithms is a lengthy process of detective work. It is as if you are searching for a treatment for a disease you have never heard of before,’ adds Karel Jelínek, chief technician of DATARECOVERY.

When analyzing the data structure, DATARECOVERY specialists consulted with many experts worldwide, but found no success. No one else has successfully performed data recovery from the high-end Kingston SSDNow disks before. ‘Today, we succeeded in successfully performing the recovery of data from the most difficult model of the series, the Kingston SSDNow V100. Previously this specific disk baffled many specialized laboratories throughout the world,’ adds Karel Jelínek.

The first successful data recovery was performed ‘manually,’ and now the company is working on the automation and acceleration of the entire process.

DATARECOVERY is a 100 % Czech company. Its experts have been recovering data since 1991. The company operates in the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, and the Slovak Republic, but its services are used by customers located all over Europe. DATARECOVERY has extensive knowledge and a laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art technology.